ACM Architectural Grade

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Developed, tested and awarded CodeMark™ Certification to demonstrate compliance with New Zealand’s building code, Alibuild A2 is the best choice as an exterior cladding material for modern day construction.

Manufactured by multi layer extrusion lamination where a fire resistant mineral core is sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm non-corrosive aluminium. Alibuild A2 is a high quality, lightweight material that offers versatility and style, broadening the design options available to builders and architects.



Key Features Product Applications
• Light weight & Rigid • Wall Cladding
• Superior flatness • Canopies
• Design Flexibility • Shopfronts
• Durable Surface Finish • Facades
• FR Grades Available • Exterior Architectural Cladding
• Effective vibration/sound damping control • Signage
• Corrosion resistance • Exhibition Stands
• PVDF Coating • Spandrel Panels
Stocked Sheet Sizes  
3200mm x 1575mm  
* More sizes available on indent