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Decor products are not just about great design - they are elegant and practical. The Decor range covers TruGloss, TruMatte and wood grain textured finishes to suit every vertical application from walls to doors, bathrooms, kitchens, and everything in between. The Decor brand is a market leader and quality supplier to its ever-growing global client base.

Combining great architectural design with Decor’s range of decorative vertical surfaces and laminated panel products lifts your projects to a higher level making them stand above the crowd. Decor's products have been manufactured and carefully selected to meet the highest standards giving longevity and resilience to commercial and residential fit outs.

Contemporary design trends embrace the art of skillfully combining diverse materials, colours, and textures to enhance living environments. Decor’s range of solutions offers designers a vibrant palette of high-quality vertical solutions that help achieve stunning visual outcomes.

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StyleLite is supplied in the form of laminated panels 18mm x 2440mm x 1220mm standard, up to 3000mm. Two finishes are available - TruGloss or TruMatte finish. Both finishes offer a smooth flawless surface with an unsurpassed depth of colour. StyleLite can be supplied through your architect, interior designer, builder, local kitchen supplier or cabinetmaker.

StyleLite is the perfect material to create luxury kitchens and bathrooms. It’s suitable for use with creating storage cabinets, bespoke furniture, and feature panels. StyleLite is an ideal solution for cabinetmakers, builders, architects, and discerning homeowners who are looking to add the perfect touch to their creations.

Ideal for use in the retail sector and used by many well-known retail brands. StyleLite is a perfect alternative for painted panels, solid core, and high-pressure laminates.

In commercial, social, and cultural environments such as offices, hotels, museums, sporting facilities and showrooms; StyleLite leads the way providing designers and building owners with not only elegant but practical cabinetry, furniture, and fixture options. 

Key Features

• Available in TruGloss and TruMatte finishes
• Very easy to clean and maintain
• UV & colour change protected the latest & most advanced StyleLite sheet technology, multilayer surface
• Durable surface that won’t chip, crack, or delaminate
• Repairable surface (TruGloss)
• 10 Year residential Indoor Warranty


• Kitchen & bathroom cabinets
• Office furniture and partitions
• Caravans and RV joinery
• Retail displays


Are you looking for an alternative to solid timber that is just as high quality? TruNatur might be the perfect solution for you! This product consists of a high-quality printed film using cutting edge printing technology. Not to mention, the surface is pre-finished for enhanced durability and performance. TruNatur is also very easy to clean and maintain- perfect for those who want a low-maintenance product. Lastly, this product is UV and colour change protected, fingerprint resistant, high scratch resistant, Hygienic, easy to work, high stain resistant and comes in a beautiful selection of decors.


Weatherproof panels for covered exterior cabinetry and more.

StyleLex is a flexible and versatile cabinet panel solution system for your covered outdoor entertaining spaces and more. All StyleLex panels are laminated by using our premier polyurethane (PUR) reactive hot melt bonding system, that bond HPL (High Pressure Laminates) and ABS surfaces to a PVC foam core with organic fillers, to create that lasting prefinished weatherproof board. The unique system is based on an extensive range of surface finishes including matte, textured finishes, and woodgrain finishes.