PP Solid Sheet

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PP Solid Sheet

Polypropylene (PP) is a homopolymer polyolefin thermoplastic. Polyolefin’s are partially crystalline thermoplastics which exhibit very high chemical resistance.

Polypropylene has a very low specific density of .91g/cm and is one of the lighter plastics. Its rigidity, hardness and strength plus the ability to be easily welded makes it ideal for use in corrosion resistant applications.

Polypropylene is non-toxic and authorised for use in the food sector; it is also resistant to diluted acids, alkali and salt solutions, water, alcohol and petrol.


Key Features Product Applications
• Excellent chemical resistance across a wide range of • Chemical pump components
   acids, bases and solvents. • Nozzles, flange connections
• Good electrical insulating properties • Food sector applications
• High surface hardness and gloss • Laboratory equipment
• Low specific gravity & easy to machine and weld • Fume hoods and ducts
• Moisture, high stress cracking & high heating resistant • Filter plates & frames
• Resistant to temperatures up to 180 °f • Chemical tanks
• Non toxic for food contact. (FDA approved) • Structural tanks
  • Acid tanks
  • Battery cases
  • Chemical pipes