PP Solid Sheet

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PP Solid Sheet

Polypropylene (PP) is a homopolymer polyolefin thermoplastic. Polyolefin’s are partially crystalline thermoplastics which exhibit very high chemical resistance.

Polypropylene has a very low specific density of .91g/cm and is one of the lighter plastics. Its rigidity, hardness and strength plus the ability to be easily welded makes it ideal for use in corrosion resistant applications.

Polypropylene is non-toxic and authorised for use in the food sector; it is also resistant to diluted acids, alkali and salt solutions, water, alcohol and petrol.


Key Features Product Applications
• Excellent chemical resistance across a wide range of • Chemical pump components
   acids, bases and solvents. • Nozzles, flange connections
• Good electrical insulating properties • Food sector applications
• High surface hardness and gloss • Laboratory equipment
• Low specific gravity & easy to machine and weld • Fume hoods and ducts
• Moisture, high stress cracking & high heating resistant • Filter plates & frames
• Resistant to temperatures up to 180 °f • Chemical tanks
• Non toxic for food contact. (FDA approved) • Structural tanks
  • Acid tanks
  • Battery cases
  • Chemical pipes




PP Ezyliner Fire Retardant Grade

EZYLINER FR is a solid Plastic Co-Polymer Wall Lining renowned for its extreme toughness and durability and is Fire Rated in accordance with ISO5660 and AS5637.1
Ezyliner FR is approved as a Category 3 Fire Rated wall and ceiling liner. It’s easy to clean, does not absorb water, and by following the instructions, easy to install.


Key Features Product Applications
• Gloss finish • Farming - milk rooms, vat stands, bail wall and wet wall areas
• No water absorption • Butcher Outlets - lining for retail areas
• Available in white but a range of colours available • Abattoirs - for walls and ceilings


Many Reasons to Specify Ezyliner

Suitable areas of use include – amenities blocks, bakeries, butcher shops, cold stores, fellmongers, bacon curing, food processing and packaging, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical manufacturers, veterinary surgeries, cowsheds etc. Ezyliner should not be used for areas outside the temperature constraints of the product.

• Hygienic

Ezyliner is impermeable, non-porous and does not encourage bacterial growth. It is easy to clean and will withstand repeated washing with a steam hose.

• Non Toxic

The materials used to produce Ezyliner are completely nontoxic and will not taint food or beverages. The material has FDA, DGA Food Approval.

• Durable

The unique formulation of Ezyliner provides an extremely hardwearing surface which will not deteriorate; chip or flake, even from impact at low temperatures. Ezyliner has a durable life of at least 15 years when installed in an interior application as per the Ezyliner installation brochure. Most installations incorporating Ezyliner would fall inside the BIA 15 year durability provision, being systems having a moderate ease of access, but difficult to replace.

• Thermal Properties

Ezyliner has a 1.8 x 10 4 co-efficient of linear expansion. This means that, for every 100C rise or fall in temperature, it will expand or contract by approximately 1.8mm per metre. Ezyliner fasteners and joiners are designed to accommodate this thermal movement. NOTE: Care must be taken when installing Ezyliner at a temperature other than its working temperature. Ezyliner has a working temperature of –100C to 500C with a vicat softening point of between 1400C and 1500C. Ezyliner may be steam cleaned.

• UV Stability

Ezyliner is designed for interior use, however it has been formulated to withstand minimum UV radiation and may be used where subject to UV exposure. Prolonged exposure to UV will, however, result in a reduction in the life of the product.

• Colour and Sheet Size

Ezyliner is manufactured in a standard colour of white. Other colours may be available subject to minimum quantities. Ezyliner is manufactured in 3 and 4.75mm thickness, in standard 2400 x 1200mm sheets. Other sizes may be available, again subject to minimum quantities. The Ezyliner jointer is manufactured in a standard length of 2400 +5mm. • Storage Ezyliner should always be stored away from direct sunlight on a flat surface and never on its edge. Lift rather than drag sheets off the stack to avoid damage to the quality surface. The Ezyliner jointer should be stored free of distortion at normal room temperature.