Polycarbonate Coated

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Polycarbonates are engineering thermoplastics usually characterized by an excellent combination of toughness, transparency, heat and flame resistance and dimensional stability. With the addition of a proprietary hard coat surface it is transformed into an excellent UV, Scratch and Chemical resistant sheet.

Lexan MR Polycarbonate

In addition to the inherent characteristics of a polycarbonate material, Lexan Margard has a proprietary hard surface coating, on one or two sides, which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion, chemical resistance and weathering. Depending on the product they are backed by a 10 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission and coating failure and breakage.  Sabic has a very diverse range of Margard products depending on your application which can add features such as Antifog; for different processing methods offer grades for flat or formability and finally offer flame retardant grades.


Key Features Product Applications
• High impact strength • Anti-vandal glazing
• Excellent clarity and light transmission • Hospital and School Glazing
• High optical quality • Security glazing
• Excellent abrasion resistance to suit many applications • Safety screens and Sound Barriers
• Excellent weatherability from 5 – 10 years • Train and Aircraft windows
• Great chemical resistance • B&C glazing
• Lightweight • Machine guards
• Formable grades available  
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Lexgard Laminated Polycarbonate

With the unique multilayer system construction of polycarbonate or polycarbonate/acrylic Lexgard® sheets are used for glazing systems in retail, financial institutions, government buildings and correction facilities and are designed to meet different levels of ballistic and blast protection.

Lexgard® Laminates are protected on the surface by AR hard-coat technology, assuring long-lasting surface clarity, resistance to chemical attack, abrasion resistance, and yellowing.


Key Features Product Applications
• UL Listed bullet resistant • Financial institution Glazing and jump screens
• Multi shot capability • Correction facilities
• High Impact • Government buildings, embassy and hospitals
• Strong lamination  
• Abrasion resistance surface  
• Light weight  
• Easily fabricated  
• Easy to install  
Stocked Sheet Sizes  
* more sizes may be available, please contact your nearest branch